Who are ChampionChip Ireland?

ChampionChip Ireland has been providing timing solutions for events all over Ireland since 1999. We are the sole operators in Ireland of the world leading ChampionChip technology used at all the major active sports events all over the world.


What does ChampionChip Ireland do?

ChampionChip Ireland provides timing and results solutions for sporting events anywhere in Ireland. We provide services to marathons, road races, cross country runs, triathlons and duathons, cycle races and cycle sportifs. Get in touch to find out how your event could benefit from the latest in timing chip technology.

What is a ChampionChip?

The ChampionChip comes in the form of a transponder that attaches to the runners shoe or ankle and is detected by special mats that are located at the start, finish or other points on the course.

Other Services

We can offer organisers a range of other services to enhance their event. These include digital display clocks, gantries, T-shirts, medals, number bibs as well as goodie bag packing and distribution....

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Mr. Glenn Grant
ChampionChip Ireland